Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sold & Seduced contest winners

The first names out of the hat were Amy and Elaine. I have contacted them by email.
Many thanks to all who entered.
The next newsletter will come out sometime around Easter and will feature a contest for Compromising Miss Milton.

Manuscript Makeover is really making me think. It has solved several problems and provided enlightenment. For example, Lyon makes the note that often in first drafts etc, the protagonist seems flat. It is because the subtext etc is needed. You really do have to bring out the emotion and bleed on the page. Subtext is all.
She also divides things up into ordinary scenes and Big Scenes and points out in Big Scenes everything needs to be more dramatic. You also have to foreshadow the scene. Anyway, the way to resolve some of my problems was right there staring me in the face. It will mean a few tweaks but the ending should be much more satisfying.

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Caroline said...

I agree with the "flat"!!! I'm reading through my 1st draft at the moment and my H/h are so flat I think they have been ironed. I need to add layers of tension and make them 3 dimensional rather than 1 dimensional! Congrats to the winners of Sold and Seduced - it is a great book - you are in for a treat. Caroline