Tuesday, September 02, 2014

US Cover for Breaking the Governess's Rules

And this is the US cover for Breaking the Governess's Rules. More of a Regency feel than an early Victorian but still a decent feel about.

‘How delightful to meet you again, Miss Louisa Sibson.’
Jonathon Lord Chesterholm’s eyes bored holes into Louisa Sibson’s back. The former fiancĂ©e he’s thought dead is very much alive…
Louisa has rebuilt her life, after being dishonourably dismissed from her post as governess for allowing Jonathon to seduce her. Now Louisa lives by a rulebook of morals and virtue—the devastating Lord Chesterholm will not ruin her again!
But Jonathon will get to the bottom of Louisa’s disappearance – and he’ll enjoy breaking a few of her rules along the way…!

Monday, September 01, 2014

US cover for Compromising Miss Milton

The US cover for Compromising Miss Milton (to be released as an ebook in the US --finally in October 2014). One of my least favourite covers. The clinch is fine , but the clothes and the hair!  The year is 1837, not 1893. Women did not wear Gibson Girl style hair then. Neither did they wear bustles. I spent ages  scouring through various books etc to find appropriate clothing and hairstyles but these were ignored. When it was out originally it got listed by Amazon on their Western list. It is set in Cumberland at Gilsland Spa.
The blurb for it is:

Marrying the Governess!
Buttoned-up governess Daisy Milton buries dreams of marriage and family life in order to support her sister and orphaned niece. But maddeningly attractive Adam, Viscount Ravensworth, is one distraction that shakes Daisy’s safe, stable existence.
Now ghosts from Adam’s past in India threaten Daisy’s future. Just what will it take to convince a tightly-laced miss to forgo society’s strict code of conduct…and come undone in the arms of a reformed rake?