Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kestrel 1 Rat O

This morning, my husband spotted a kestrel in the garden. I missed it the first time. My husband looked out  again and watched as the female kestrel dove down from on high and neatly caught a large rat.
The kestrel was absolutely goregous as she sat on her wriggling prey. It  was one large rat. When disturbed by the ducks, she flew with the rat hanging from her talons to a far corner of the garden where she could enjoy it in peace.
I hate rats!  And I did discover evidence of the same in the compost pile. The compost has now been scattered on the garden.
However because we have tawny owls nesting the owl box, I had not put poison out. Thankfully the kestrel decided to do its job. Hopefully the owls will join in.
Fingers crossed that it nests nearby. I would like the rat population cleared out.
We already do protect any ducklings which happen along, until they are large enough, so I am not worried about the ducks or the hens.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hattie WIlkinson Meets Her Match November 2012

My editor emailed me today with the lovely news that Hattie Wilkinson Meets Her Match (provisional title) will be out in November 2012 in both the US and UK markets.  I am SO pleased.
It would be lovely to think I will get to keep the title as well as it suits but titling is up to the editors.

I am still waiting for the Viking to be scheduled and my partial has gone to my editor. I have a due date of 1 April for that one and am determined to make it!

It does feel good to know what is happening.

Friday, February 10, 2012

His Unsiutable Viscountess proofs done

I finished my proofs of His Unsuitable Viscountess this morning. I loved the book and think it really special. I know, I know there have been no reviews of it and everyone might hate it, but right now I am going with my gut instinct. I did get a distinct tingle down my back. There were places I knew I would cry, but I was caught unawares by one place.
All the behind the scenes drama of last year was worth it and I am pleased my editor pushed me so hard.
I don't have the back cover blurb yet or I would have posted it and I am looking forward to getting the cover, but this book has been put to bed for me now.
Still no word on the scheduling of Hattie Meets Her Match or Shackled to the Viking. I think these are both still working titles as well.
I do need to get to work on To Marry A Rake as I have promised my editor the partial for Monday and after reading HUV, I know it is not up to that standard YET but it will be.
It is about delving deeper into the character's physche and really pushing hard to deliver a heart warming read.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Going International

One of the great joys of being published with Harlequin is that my books do get published all over the world.
I forgot to check last month but Compromising Miss Milton was published in Italy as Il Visconte Libertino.  The books arrived via the post this morning. I love the colours on the cover. Breaking the Governess's Rules is out in March as La Sposa Perduta (the lost wife) which fits. I am very excited about it being out in Italy as the heroine spent time in Sorrento.
Breaking the Governess's Rules is also out in February as Fiancee a un lord.
I was very pleased as one of my resolutions this year is to relearn French. I have been doing my Rosetta stone lessons every morning for the past few weeks. Once upon a time I was nearly fluent but allowed it slip. When I met the French senior editor last summer, I so badly wanted to speak to her in her own language. I look forward to rereading various books of mine in French.
It has given me quite the spur to get on with the short story I promised my editor that is a prequel to both Compromising Miss Milton and Breaking the Governess's Rules. It is another governess story. But more importantly to get my current manuscript done. I finally figured out what was wrong and that I needed an Aunt. I don't think I have really done an Aunt before. I have several Aunts (and there is a reason for the capital -- think PG Wodehouse). I love them dearly.
I have no idea what my nieces think of me but I would be honoured to an Aunt.