Thursday, April 18, 2013

Know why your narrator needs to tell the tale

There are  reasons why I love to go back over my writing book library.
The story I am working on at the moment is a non-HQN project and is in the first person because it seems to write like this.
But a small problem for me is that I have never written first person before. What I am doing is reworking a story I wrote a few years ago because well there were certain things I loved about it but it wasn't quite right.
Anyway, I remembered that Orson Scott Card has a section on First Person narrator in his wonderful book Characters and Viewpoint. In that he discusses the why of choosing narrator, particularly when the story is told in first person. For example with Sherlock Holmes, Watson is by far the best choice as Sherlock is far too knowing.
What he does mention as well and it really resonated with me last night is to make sure you understand why the character needs to tell the story. And that the character is the sort of person who would feel comfortable in telling the story. In other words, tale-telling has to be part of the character if you choose that character to be the vehicle or vessel to tell the tale. An emotionally closed character without a compelling reason to put the story down may not be the best choice even if they are the protagonist or driving the story. You also have to know who the narrator is telling the tale to. Is it the tale for general consumption (aka memoirs) , a journal (so ultimately for their later self) or for someone else entirely.If you are going to use first person, you have to know. it affects the choices you make in telling the tale.
This is less of a problem with 3rd person limited because it is more like the reader is watching a film.
Anyway, I found it interesting and it has given me insight into my narrator.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My heart goes out

Last night I listened in horror as the events unfolded at the Boston marathon. So senseless. So tragic. My heart goes out to all those who are affected.
Back in 1999, I stood on the finish line sidelines with my three children, waiting for my husband to finish. Probably very near to where the explosion happened.  Boston is a lovely city full of wonderful people. Everyone was so kind. I can clearly remember someone handing out juice bars and making sure that my lot got some. People were just kind to a woman with three young children, including one in a pushchair. They made space so we could see the racers and cheer them on. I have very good memories of the city and the people.
When my lot were young, we went to a lot of races to cheer my husband on. Marathons always have a special atmosphere. People are relaxed and excited. Everyone is working together. And the runners are the focus. It is a shame that the innocence has been lost.
The Boston marathon is a great race  and I hate that it was targetted in this manner.
There is never any justification for this sort of behaviour. Ever.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Lost in a Story interview blog

Today (10 April) I am visiting with Angi Morgan at Get Lost in a Story. I reveal the playlist I used for An Ideal Husband? plus have a giveaway for a signed copy.

A really lovely piece of news was that Happily Ever After the USA Today column which is devoted to all things in the Romance genre featured An Ideal Husband? in the latest column. I was totally thrilled as it was so unexpected!

Writing wise I am busy working on my non HQN project (and enjoying it very much!) as well as waiting for my eidtor to get back me with her thoughts on my latest Viking.

Friday, April 05, 2013

November release title and giveaway

My editor FINALLY let me know what my Nov release will be called  Paying the Viking's Price.
It really works for the story where a Anglo Saxon lady is forced to become a Viking's concubine as the price for keeping her people safe.

Today you can find me doing the Quick Six for Tawny Weber. A signed copy of An Ideal Husband? is up for grabs to one lucky commentator. It is an either or question.  The winner will be chosen on Sunday.

And I promise to update this blog more. I did however turn in my latest Viking and am now working on my paranormal from ages ago (but it is a total rewrite as I went badly wrong). The great thing about writing is that you can always rewrite.