Book List

A list of Michelle Styles's titles including first publication date and ISBN
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The Warrior's Viking Bride (March 2018) ISBN
Viking Scotland (character linked to Sold to the Viking Warrior)

Sold to the Viking Warrior (March 2017) ISBN
Viking Scottish  Western Island setting (character linked to The Warrior's Viking Bride)

Summer of the Viking  (June 2015) ISBN
Viking Northumbrian setting.

Taming His Viking Woman (February 2015) ISBN
Viking Scandinavian (Swedish) setting

Saved by the Viking September 2014 ISBN 9780263909821
Viking Northumbrian setting

Return of the Viking Warrior  May 2014 ISBN 9780373306893
Viking  Scandinavian (Norwegian) setting

Paying the Viking's Price November 2013 ISBN 9780263898620
Viking Northumbrian setting

An Ideal Husband?  April 2013 ISBN 9780263898194
Early Victorian linked to To Marry A Matchmaker

Hattie Wilkinson Meets Her Match ( November 2012) ISBN 9780263892772

His Unsuitable Viscountess ( August 2012) ISBN 9780263892694

To Marry A Matchmaker 2011  ISBN 9780263887884
Early Victorian

The Perfect Concubine 2011 ebook novella

Breaking the Governess Rules 2011 ISBN  9780263882452
earlyVictorian (contains characters from Compromising Miss Milton)

Compromising Miss Milton 2010 ISBN 9780263875843
early Victorian

The Viking's Captive Princess 2009 ISBN 9780263876208
Viking (Viken)

Improverished Miss, Convenient Wife 2009 ISBN 9780263867749
Regency (2nd part of duo)

A Question of Impropriety 2008 ISBN 9780263862874
Regency (1st part of duo)

An Impulsive Debutante 2008 ISBN 97802638632782
early Victorian (sequel to A Christmas Wedding Wager)

Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife 2008 ISBN 9780263862645
Viking (Viken)

A Christmas Wedding Wager 2007 ISBN 9780263866001
first published in UK as part of Christmas by Candlelight
early Victorian

Taken by The Viking 2007 ISBN 9780263852004
Viking (Viken)

The Roman's Virgin Mistress 2007 ISBN 9780263851854

Sold and Seduced 2007 ISBN 9780263851700

A Noble Captive 2006 ISBN 978026385 1557

The Gladiator's Honour 2006 ISBN 9263846504

A Lady Soldier 2005 ISBN  0709078250
Regency (co-written with Kate Allan, under Jennifer Lindsay pen name)

The Marriage Inheritance 2005 first published by DC Thomson My Weekly Story
Contemporary novella