Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book In

Last Night at 20:07 precisely, I hit the send button and sent my latest manuscript to my editor. It was time for her expert eyes. This morning my editor let me know that she has it and will get to it in the next couple of weeks.
It means I beat my deadline by 6 days. When you consider that I only had a vague outline on the 2nd and about 6k of useable words, it is quite an achievement. The manuscript went in at 74,000 words. And by the end I had done 3 complete drafts. My editor will undoubtedly find ways where the manuscript can be improved (she is very good at wringing the last drop of emotion out) so there will be more drafts of this story in my future.  I want the strongest story possible as I really believe in this couple.
I now need to reaquaint myself with my family, plus do a thousand other tasks that I put to one side.
One thing I did keep doing during this period of intense work was my exercise. Intense exercise is the BEST way to get rid of stress and silence doubt demons.
I do emotionally eat when I reach stressful points in my manuscript. Some of it is to silence the doubt and anxiety demons and some is to divorce myself from the intense emotion I am feeling.  Sometimes you have to go with emotional eating. But sometimes it is just a habit. It depends where I am in the manuscript. I did eat mostly nuts and dried fruit. My size stayed the same.
It is funny when various people say -- oh slim as ever or I see you haven't put on weight. I am determined to maintain my weight.

In other news:
Yesterday was a fantastic day for my friend Donna Alward whose book How A Cowboy Stole Her Heart reached the finals of the Rita competition in Contemporary Series. It was a very special book for her and written straight from the heart so I am so pleased and proud for her. The winner is annouced at the end of the RWA conference in July. Fingers firmly crossed  here.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First draft done

It is Mothering Sunday in the UK and I have finished my first draft.
Yes, it is rough. yes, it needs layering. But my characters have had their Happy Ever  After.
Considering on Friday 2 March, I had in reality about 6k and I am now at 67k (it needs to be 70 k plus but I ALWAYS pick up about 5 -10 k after the first draft), I have done remarkably well.
I will admit that I had visions of working deperately late on 31 March and indeed 1 April to even get this far! I was determined to make it and I will make it with a manuscript that I am proud of.
It means I have 2 weeks to edit, revise and polish before it goes off to my editor.
The main thing that happened was that I completely turned off the internet and started working on my laptop on its battery. I forced myself to stay there and work, rather than taking a break to put the laundry on, or another one to do the dusting or jut put the kettle on. Not pausing.
I did keep doing my Tracy Anderson through out it all and am Continiuty 1.1 Level 6. I will do an update on this soon, suffice it to say that I am still seeing changes in my body. But whereas I started doing TAM for my physical health, I now do it for my mental health. It really does help to keep me focussed.

Friday, March 09, 2012

My poor neglected blog

Many apologies.
I am currently working hard on my wip. I am absolutely and completely determined to make my 1 April deadline. This means it has to take absolute priority.
My family also like to see me on occassion when I resurface.
Things should be less fraught in April.