Saturday, January 09, 2010

Going Viking in a Bookstore

Kimber An did a review of The Viking's Captive Princess on Enduring Romance that made me smile. In particular she said -- This is book three in Michelle Styles' Viking series and I can guarantee there will be more (because if I don't hear more about a certain secondary character, I'll go totally Viking in the bookstore).

I would love to know which secondary character she means. There are two possibilities really --Erik the Black and Thrand. Although I think she means Thrand and it may happen, but at the moment, I am focused on my Regency/Victorian stories. I am super excited about writing a couple in the Ottoman Empire. However first, I have to finish the one I am currently writing which sets up the second of the Ottoman Empire stories.

But really if people want me to write more Viking stories, they do need to contact my editors rather than going Viking in bookstores. My editors do like to hear feedback and requests for stories of secondaries. (I did send a copy of the review to my editor) Otherwise they do sort of let me write in the time periods that I want to write in (see above for my latest research obssession). My editors are lovely that way.

It is snowing again and they have stopped gritting as much. This means the hill where I live will become totally treacherous. My husband said that the A1 yesterday was littered with accidents. Basically in snow and ice, people do need to slow down. You want to avoid skidding, rather than practicing skid control.

I have started investigating Public Transport. The only trouble is that it is pretty poor and it is difficult to carry shopping home... It will all get worked out but I determined that snow is not going to stop me. It is a matter of taking the time.

My youngest two have exams next week and these are going ahead. Luckily they can walk to school.


Caroline said...

I love your Vikings. But I love, love your Romans. I am "Roman" at heart I think. So do you think you will write any more Roman's? Have a good weekend. Caroline x

Michelle Styles said...

Oh I might do another Roman at some point. I think I might try an Undone Roman and see if I can write short...
Right now I am enjoying sneaking Roman bits into the other books!

Caroline said...

A Roman Undone sounds delicious! Take care. Caroline x

Rebecca Herman said...

Yep! I also love the Romans the most... I think because it's a setting that's so unusual in romances and it's nice to read something "different:

Unknown said...

There definitely needs to be a book about Thrand and Thyre's sister