Monday, January 11, 2010

The 2010 mouse tally

With the thaw, the mice have begun moving again and the new trap in the basement has caught two mice. There is a rather large gray mouse (not a rat) who has been seen going in and out of the feed shed. Both my youngest and I would dearly love to catch it. However, the amount of mouse damage in the feed shed appears to be abating. I suspect the mice in the basement also make a pit stop in the feed shed...And I rather concentrate on trapping them in the basement.
There have not been more mice in the attic since my Christmas entrapment. This is good news but I remain reluctant to remove the trap...
Currently I am waiting for the AA to show up and start my car. I suspect the battery is now low...Sigh. But I am glad that we have home start.

The wip is progressing and as various bodies are back at school or work, I have no real excuse.

The kittens are growing rapidly. They are now allowed out of my study but do not hesitate to come back and meow when they think it is feeding time. They enjoy hunting toy mice and balls, so it is only a matter of time before they become fully fledged mousers.
Tess thinks the kittens are hers and does every so often try to clean them...the kittnes are not so fond of this. The dogs also assume if the kittens do not finish their food, it is fair game.


Michelle Styles said...

And it was a new battery for the car. SIGH but at least it now starts and goes!

Caroline said...

I was just going to offer hugs on the car not starting - but have just read your latest comment. Like you say - at least the car now starts and goes.

We have a rat in the outhouse. My fault entirely as I stored the Christmas hamper stuff in there as there was so much fruit and veg at the time. I sent the dogs in there but they were hopeless! Luckily I work with pest control officers who have come out and baited for me. Take care. Caroline x