Sunday, January 10, 2010

A slight thaw in the proceedings

Other places in the UK remain suffering but up here in Northumberland, we are experiencing a thaw. The wind is from the south and the snow is melting away. The main roads are clear, and the trains are running.
The coal and the heating oil has now been delivered. And it begs the question as to why the heating oil lorry could make it up the hill yesterday and the bin men can't. The bin men did spend time clearing pavements which was good of them, but my main bin has not been emptied since before Christmas! Tomorrow, it will be recyclables again and they will not be taking the other garbage until the Monday after that! Provided the weather holds.

My eldest went back to University today. He is doing well but is ready to get on with his studies. It is easier the second time they go. My daughter has various A level tests next week (no postponement) and ditto for the youngest and his GCSEs.

My fingers are firmly crossed for the thaw to continue.


Caroline said...

Glad the thaw is coming! Caroline x

Liz Fielding said...

The promised snow didn't arrive here today -- yet to see what the night brings. But it does seem less biting.

I think the bin men get moved to gritting duties. It was my recyclable this week, so I'll take up the other stuff on Tuesday and they can decide which they pick up.