Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seeing the magazine in the flesh

This morning, I got to look at Living North February edition in the flesh for the first time. For some reason it was not out on Friday, Saturday or even Monday but it is now. I had a lovely surprise when the editorial mentioned 'we meet an author who has an ability to melt the coldest heart Michelle Styles.'
It also made me laugh -- the ad next to the article is for a Pandora bracelet. Both Kate Hardy and Fiona Harper know how much I envy theirs...Is this a sign?
Anyway there are lots of interesting articles, including 10 real life historical love stories from Bessie Surtees' elopement to The Lass of Richmond Hill. I thoroughly recommend getting a print copy...

In kitten news:

The kittens have learnt how to turn the television on. They also know how to get my youngest's favourite computer game on (or at least it is what my youngest is claiming!) Tomorrow they are going to encounter the V.E.T. It is for their own good. Hopefully they will be fonder of the vet than Tuppence and Penny...
Oh and two or more kittens is a kindle.
Does anyone know what two or more puppies is?


Donna Alward said...

Trouble. :-)

Fiona Harper said...

It's a sign!

Kate Hardy said...

I'm with Fi. It's a sign. You know you want one... :o)

And Donna's description is definitely apt, LOL.