Friday, January 08, 2010

Warnings from my youth

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered the warning but I remembered it far too late. The words only came back to me as I pressed the starter. The car chugged once and then died. No one's fault but my own. Somewhere, someone told me to start my car every few days in the cold so it would start. I forgot until my car wouldn't start. Then I remembered and felt stupid.

So now my life is littered with un-done to do lists and I am stranded. Or rather the proposed excursion to the heady heights of Tesco with my eldest has been postponed until my husband returns. Chile the Labrador , however loves the snow and has been acting about the same age as Hardy and Tess.

As the winter weather looks set to continue, I have investigated the train. It is doable for certain outings next week.

After 3 days, the post was delivered today, replete with Christmas cards posted far too late, a Christmas parcel from my aunt and my youngest's ski helmet. My youngest is going kiing at the end of January so he could truly experience snow etc. The back lawn would not look out of place in the Alps...

In an act of defiance against the weather, I have paid the remainder for the book research trip to Egypt. Somewhere warm!

The heating oil people were lovely but informed me that there is a 2 week backlog with oil weather permitting, of course. Luckily it was just a precaution...The oil should arrive just as the current batch runs out...but I have turned the thermostat down and put another jumper on. I have also ordered more coal.

There is supposed to be more bad weather on the way.

Note to Caroline: yes it is a bloody struggle to get some of my words done before turning on the Internet, particularly as this little voice keeps whispering but you need to check if the children's school is open (it isn't). Still in 6 weeks time this too will be a habit and productivity will return.

I wass doing fine on my weight management but then my daughter decided desperate times called for chocolate chip cookies and made some. And boy did they taste wonderful...


Donna Alward said...

Argh on my bloody parcel not being in the lot!

Caroline said...

Hugs on the car not starting! LOL on the word count V's blogging. Managed a paltry 545 words today - then nothing. So have resorted to blogging to kick start the muse - well that's my excuse anyway! Have a good (snow filled) weekend. Take care. Caroline x