Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Very Bad Modem Cats

Heathcliff and Mr Darcy decided to be Very Bad Modem Cats and run all over my desk using the printer as a safehouse.

I came back to discover that 40k of my latest work in progress had disappeared. Thank heavens my youngest heard my scream and calmly pressed the undo button. The words reappeared. Phew. However every 6th line was a new paragraph. (still not sure how they did it!) and I went and fixed that.

Modem cats do not learn. Modem cats like to chase the computer mouse and think that stamping on computer keys gives a good sound. Modem cats bring a whole new urgency to backing up one's work. Modem cats also purr and sleep on ones' lap. Ther are reasons for having modem cats.

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Caroline said...

Gosh I'm panicking just *thinking* about you losing 40k words! Thank goodness you got them back - I mean I would have to have waited even longer for your next book to come out - lol! Have a good weekend. Caroline x