Thursday, January 07, 2010

In the bleak mid winter

Lots of snow and plunging temperatures. The children's school remains closed for a second day.
We have done some sledding, throwing of snow balls etc. and still the snow keeps coming.
It was to do with the weather pattern and where the highs developed. There are predictions that Northumberland could see as bad a winter as the one in 62-63 where 20 foot high drifts developed in the Allen Valley. I have seen the pictures in the Courant!

And yes, I know lots of other places in the world regularly get this sort of weather. It has to do with expectation and preparedness. And despite going to university in Minnesota and living over here for 20 plus years, I remain a wimpish SF Bay Area girl at heart and hate driving on snow.

Right now, I am hoping the thaw when it comes will not be too drastic as then we will get flooding...

My new regime is going well but it is hard. However, it does take 6 weeks to get into a habit.


Carrie Lofty said...

You'd think people in Wisconsin would be less apt to close schools, but my girls are home too. *furiously revises day*

Be safe!

Caroline said...

Brrr it is cold isn't it. Take care out there! I have to agree on the blogging after the writing. I am finding it really hard if I'm honest. But as you say 6 weeks to break a habit. Take care. Caroline x