Monday, January 04, 2010

Two lovely reviews

A very good way to start the New Year was to discover two lovely reviews of The Viking's Captive Princess -- one on cataromance and the other on the Pink Heart Society Review. Julie Bonello puts a lot of effort into her reviews and has reviewed every single one of my books so I was curious as to what she might think.

So I was very pleased to read:

Clear a space on your keeper shelf because Michelle Styles has penned another winner! The Viking's Captive Princess is another captivating tale from this wonderful storyteller featuring a heroine to admire, a gorgeous Alpha male to adore, a fantastic cast of fully-fleshed supporting characters, searing emotional intensity, dramatic action, powerful romance and wonderfully rendered historical detail which never interferes or overwhelms the story.

Thank you Julie for making my day!

My regime continues. It is the early days before a habit is established and after the initial enthusiasm vanishes that are the hardest. The newspapers are currently full of good advice. One current theme seems to be -- do not diet but savour your food. Eat slowly. If you feel you must eat cake/drink alcohol/have cream do it on a specific day. For example Wednesdays and Saturdays as then you are never waiting too long for a treat and are less likely to binge.
The kittens are can be seen by the above picture are in a playful mood. They are currently conducting a war on my legs. Thankfully this period of absolute playfulness should be short lived.