Monday, January 25, 2010

RPJ and hurt paws

I am over at the Pink Heart Society discussing Rupert Penry Jones in the Male on Monday slot.

I am a recent convert to Spooks and really enjoyed him in 39 Steps. It means that I will have to try and catch the new series of Whitechapel when that comes out later this year. And I do think he will provide the inspiration for my next hero but one (ie my current heorine's brother).
And I have finished my current wip and can go into editing mode. After that it is a quick Roman Undone to see if I can write short and sensual.

Hardy has hurt his paw. He is limping and so it will mean a trip to the VET. He is also not letting me look at the paw. SIGH. Hopefully it is something simple but he is such an active dog that it will be hard to keep him quiet. Hei s currently play fighting with his sister...


Caroline said...

Hope Hardy is ok. Good news on the wip.

RPJ has family up here in North Wales and me and the DH2B did the classic once in Tesco. "Yes it is him!" "Nno it isn't." etc. etc Turned out it was him as we saw him giving someone his autograph later when he was in the checkout! Caroline x

Julie Cohen said...

I just read the article about you in Living North—it's fantastic, and you come across as the sharp, intelligent, talented lady that you are! Well done, Michelle, that's one to make us all proud.