Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Subtext is all

If a scene is about what is on the surface, then I am in trouble. A scene needs to be about more.
And emotions need to shift and change during the scene. The characters cannot just travel full circle.

I am as you might guess deep into editing. The wip is getting better and the focus is getting stronger.

Has anyone read The Heroine's Journey? It is apparently what the vast majority of single title women's fiction is based around, particularly psychological novels. The reference in The Manuscript Makeover intrigued me and so that has now been added to my TBR pile. Again it is linked to Joseph Campbell but it is supposed to be easier. Campbell is rather dry and great for insomniacs.

Oh and I am going the RWA National Convention in Nashville in July. I have registered. It is tremendously exciting. Another reason why I need to get fit!

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