Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had forgotten or drawn a blissful veil over how much a shot takes out of you and then there is the whole question of antibiotics.
My finger is getting better but remains bruised. Mice have a severe bite.

The feed shed still needs to be cleaned out but the food is now safely stored in bins with tight fitting lids. So hopefully the mouse population will decrease significantly.

My revisions are coming on. I can see why they will make the book much stronger and more significantly I think I can see how to improve up coming books. It is like coming blinking into the light after being in a very long and very dark tunnel.

My Rita books are almost all read and I have discovered a new to me author which is half the point of the Ritas.


Donna Alward said...

The mouse thing is icky! Feel better soon. We live in hope that the Very.Bad.Cat turns out to be a Very.Good.Mouser. This year we've been lucky but you know what happened the year before...

I discovered a new to me author too. Not wowed enough to glom up an entire backlist, but one who I would definitely pick up again.

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs on the shots, the antibios and the bruises. (Mr Darcy and Heathcliff definitely have work to do...)

Caroline said...

Hope you are feeling better Michelle. ((HUGS)). Caroline