Thursday, February 04, 2010

You can't argue with every reader

I am working through my revision notes. Some of it I can see and others I think why didn't she see? There again, I can not argue with every reader and it is my job to make certain things are clear and upfront. My editor highlights problems. It is up to me to solve them, not to argue her around to my way of thinking.
Various characters might miss things but the reader should not be confused.
It involves rethinking and sometimes approaching things from a different angle.

Oh and subtext is king. The undercurrents need to be there. Sometimes as a writer I think they are there but from comments from my editor, she has missed them. And if she misses them, then the reader is going to miss them.
It can be about thinking what is on the page to actually having it on the page.

I am enjoying the Heroine's Journey and there are definite elements of it in series romance. In many ways because it is a psychological journey rather than a physical journey, it is helpful to think about the stages. I had never really thought about them before.

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Nicola Cornick said...

A very insightful post, Michelle. Having just finished revising my latest ms I totally agree with you. Things that seemed blindingly obvious to me had passed my editor by, which made me stop short. It's obvious to me because the whole book is spread out in my head. If she can't it the reader probably won't be able to either.