Friday, February 12, 2010

A Noble Captive -- April 2010

I found out yesterday (via Amazon) that A Noble Captive will be released as a Harlequin Historical Direct for April 2010. It is the second book that I wrote for HMB, and so I am very proud of it.

I adore the cover which was especially commissioned for the book. I am hopeful that the inside front cover will be in the book as well. My editors gave me a copy of it when I went for my first author lunch and I have loved it ever since.
Someday, I do hope to write a book that uses the inside front cover as a front cover.
Judy York did both covers. She is one of my favourite illustrators... I love the way she captures the feeling and sensuality of a scene.

So you can see why I have to write the Roman Undone. The ending scene I have in mind would suit the cover perfectly! And the picture has been hugely inspirational to my work!
Anyway, I have to finish my revisions and then finish the editing before I can write it!

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Caroline said...

Oh that cover is so *right*! It qould make a great cover for your Roman Undone. I can't wait. Caroline x