Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Revisons and a great review

First of all, Sold & Seduced has a wonderfully enthusiatic reivew from Enduring Romance. The overall evaluation was 93/100, so this was a great boast to my writing ego.

My editor burned the midnight oil and sent through 6 pages of revision notes for my revised manuscript. They are tweaks and the book will be much stronger once I have worked them through. Her thoughts also lead me to conclude that I am on the right track for pinpointing my problems after reading The Manuscript Makeover. Sometimes it feels like coming out blinking in to the sunlight after being in a long dark tunnel.
Anyway, it is so important to get the book to be the best read possible and my editor has a great eye. I may wish she was a bit quicker, but ultimately it is the quality of the editing that counts and I do believe that she pushes me in a good way!

So it is revising HRG and then finishing the editing of TPE. After that, I will write a Roman Undone as I know the ending to that one.


Caroline said...

Hope the revisions go well. Can't wait to read the book. Caroline x

Caroline said...

Duh! Forgot to say congratulations on the great review! Caroline x