Monday, February 08, 2010

Mouse Wars: a new front

Yesterday, a mouse bit me.
I had already dispatched one large rodent (presumed mouse) from the dog food feed bin at dog feeding time. I captured that mouse and my youngest did the honours. As I let the dogs out for their night time ablutions, rustling resounded from the feed shed. Sure enough, another rodent (presumed mouse) was in the dog food bin -- looking for its mate or merely seeking to steal food? Who knows? Who cares? But I disliked the thought of my dogs eating mouse droppings.
I put on rubber gloves and grabbed a plastic bag. My youngest was on standby for dispatch as well for torch duty.
I managed to inexpertly catch the creature and when I was attempting to put it in the plastic bag, it swivelled and bit my hand -- drawing blood through the rubber glove. I let go. The mouse escaped. My husband commented that mice have sharp teeth. I was unimpressed.
I bathed the wound, put antiseptic on and still it was red and swollen this morning.
Thus far I have had a tetanus shot (last one 1989! You only need a total of 5 in your life but better to be safe). The doctor has also given me a course of antibiotics. Any animal bite with breaks the skin must be taken seriously.

Oh and a mouse was caught in the mouse trap this morning in the basement. It was summarily dispatched with a shovel... I wore thick leather gloves. I now have proper respect for mice and their teeth.

Task for this afternoon: clean out the feed shed, including replacing feed bins with bins that have tight fitting lids.


Rachel said...

Grrr, rotten vermin!

I got bitten by a squirrel once(trying to 'help' it-yep dumb I know) and the surgery told me not to worry too much. I was pregnant too! I did survive however.

But I'm much more ruthless these days you'll be pleased to know. Once a rampaging family of furry beasts have munched up your fascias you cease to see them as cute and start looking in to the leaglity of housewives and air guns.

Hope it heals soon!


Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Michelle (and Rach - a squirrel??).

Hope it's not too sore. Roll on the day when the kittens can take over!

Nell Dixon said...

Ouch, I shuddered when I read your post - how horrid!

Caroline said...

Eww! Did you scream? I know I would have! Hope your hand gets better soon. Take care. Caroline x

Joanne Coles said...

We had a mouse issue a couple of years ago and had alsorts of traps, infra red (although they were blue!) light thingy that supposedly let out a sound that scared mice off and poison down. The only thing that successfully got rid of them all were the old fashioned traps. They were too clever to go into the humane ones. Although one was stupid enough to somehow climb into the loo and drown!!