Sunday, June 17, 2007

Filming for TV

On Friday, despite the terrible weather, the man for ITV News North East (aka Tyne Tees) came to the house to do a feature. The piece will last about three minutes and he was here for about three hours!
It was at times nerve wracking, exhilerating and throughly exciting. The producer was fantastic to work with. Very professional. Very calm and easy going. Even the sun room springing several leaks failed to phase him -- although he did gently suggest that we do the readings elsewhere.
He did have to remind me that it was not a cookery programme and so not to speak while I did my Roman cooking demo. This was very difficult.
I also managed to do drop spinning without sending the spindle bouncing across the kitchen floor. I was impressed as every time I had pracised it that morning, the thread broke.
I also did two readings of The Roman's Virgin Mistress. Fingers crossed that it went okay. He is doing the editting of the piece next week and it should go out at the back end of the week. I am hoping to video it -- although I shall probably watch behind the sofa, cringing.
After it was done, I discovered I was brain dead and so did not get as much done on my wip as I would like. I am now however in the editting phase and will get the ms to my editors this week -- although not Monday as I had orginally planned. This is my favourite part of writing, truly.


Nell Dixon said...

Congratulations on the filming. I would never be brave enough to tackle anything like that and I admire you so much for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing experience. And I too admire you because although I love doing radio, even the idea of doing TV sends me into a flat spin!

Michelle Styles said...

Well, I agreed and then suddenlt panicked.

I figured that if the wonderful people from the PR department had got me this possibility, the least I could do was accept.

Sometimes, I think it is not bravery, but sheer stupidity.

Anyway, if I lived to tell the can see that it doesn't kill you!

One easier part was that I knew it was not going to be live and if I totally messed up, I could always ask for a retake. You can not do that with live radio.

Unknown said...

Very well done Michelle-- what a great opportunity to pass on your enthusiasm and expertise. Is there any way we can get to see it?

Jen Black said...

Yes, Michelle, we need to know when to view!Don't be shy!