Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dear Author, photo shoots and water

First of all The Roman's Virgin Mistress was reccomended as a July read by Dear Author. This is a tremendous honour and thrill. I have a lot of time for Jayne who is one of the main reviewers. She gives very honest reviews and reviews which make me stop and think. So this made my day.
Today, I also did a photo shoot for the Evening Chronicle and prentended that I was a glamourous author. Luckily/unluckily the photographer saw through my act and pointed out that I had a tendency to look like a scared rabbit in the headlights. Sigh. But I suspect the photographer is very good and look forward to seeing the photos and the piece.

Yesterday saw my husband down in Hull where he phoned several times about the bad weather. At first I thought he was exaggerating, but then heard the slight panic in his voice as the water started to lap the car windows as I was trying to discover if the M62 was actually open or not. Thankfully, he drove through and eventually managed to make it back home. The strangest thing was that other motorists were busy trying to take photos as they drove, one very nearly went into the deep water and then a wave washed in the car and apparently put an end to his phototaking...


Anonymous said...

Glad your DH made it through safely. The news coverage has been very scary.

Am sure the photographer will have done a fab job. The ones from our local paper have always been fantastic and got better pics than I ever thought would be possible.

And well done you on being recommended as a July read!

Nell Dixon said...

I'm sure you'll look lovely. Glad your hubby got back safely.

Unknown said...

Glad you're safe and dry, Michelle. Hoping that the worst is over now.

I'm sure the article and the pictures will be great! Will you be able to post a link to them, do you think?

Michelle Styles said...

Once I have a link I will post it.

And the photographer assured me that I did not break the camera.