Thursday, June 28, 2007


My little cluster map has changed. I think they renew the map on a yearly basis. Anyway, the old dots have all gone from the small map and I have started collecting new ones. By 25 June, I had had 28,000 visitors which is fairly good going. Hopefullly I will have somewhere near the same total this year.

The photo is of Henry Brett, England's current polo captain. He is also the new face of Geo Trumper's cologne. And has the right look for my new hero. I understand from the Equestrian article that he is very hard working and any reputation as a bad boy is thoroughly undeserved. However as Trish was filling my ears with tales of how wonderful polo is...I still think he leads a pretty glam life.
I have officially started my latest book. Or at least I have done the preliminaries. As I said yesterday, the more you write, the harder it can become because you have picked off your easy fruit. You have chosen your favourite names. You have used your best settings. It is one of the reasons why research and continuing to look at the world in different lights is so important. I am also aware that the last time I was at this stage, I ended up throwing out most of my book and starting again. Hopefully this time, I will avoid the 3k per day requirement. However, it may be that I work better under pressure....the proof will come when I hear back from my editors.

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Anonymous said...

Nice new hero, Michelle.

I've discovered I work better under pressure. (cough) If I hadn't loafed about, the last two days (and wasn't planning to be out for a long lunch today) I would have two chapters written. Instead, I have to write them this weekend... and they'll be better for it, because suddenly the stuff in my head snaps into the right place and it flows.

The weird thing is that if I do touch on a subject I've sort of covered before, a new twist appears when I start writing. (Despite being an uber-planner - I'm a flexible uber-planner, perhaps.) And then I get to do something new. (This week is leaning Catalan. My Spanish doc has taken exception to being called Spanish. So I'm going to have to change the title...)