Thursday, June 07, 2007

On being a squiggle

After seeing this on Sela's blog, and Kate Hardy's blog, I thought I would take the test. I thought I would end up as triangle. Or possibly a square, but no I ended up as a squiggle. And green. How did this happen?

The results suggest you are a Green Squiggle.Squiggles are creative, witty and impulsive. Squiggles are quite eccentric, do not thrive on routine and are very quickly bored. You are spontaneous and fun, always looking to the future.Squiggles are extremely extrovert and love new people and new experiences. You are intuitive and popular in social situations and can normally be relied upon to bring a party to life. Your extreme right-brained approach means you always need new challenges which can be both exciting and exhausting for those around you. This also means you are not always very predictable or dependable.In work, squiggles thrive on change and new situations. However, you have been known to drive colleagues crazy – you are easily distracted and need to learn to focus on tasks and see them through to their conclusion. On the other hand, your inquisitive nature and propensity to ask “Why?” can generate new and exciting big ideas and stimulate debate.Don’t give up on the big ideas and the dreams, but don’t be surprised if those around you simply can’t keep up with you.Your colour is green, which gives a degree of pragmatism. Green symbolises people who are forward-looking and determined to make progress. It reflects a very positive side to your personality that is really attractive to other people, and helps to put them quickly at their ease, and takes the edge off your rather impulsive nature. On a personal level, you look after yourself well and your positive outlook means you try to make the most of things even when you are not feeling great.Celebrity squiggles include Jonathan and Jane Ross, Russell Brand, Chris Moyles, Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John.

I am not sure how true this is. I do like routine. I just keep changing my routine. And I do see things through to the end. And I adore the past.

TD is coming along nicely and I am really enjoying it. I shall enjoy it much more when I have finished the first draft and even more still when I have my editors' thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a squiggle, too. A pink squiggle.