Saturday, June 09, 2007

ROME tv series

I saw on the BBC last night that the new series of ROME starts on the BBC on 20 June. This is utterly fantastic news as I understand that the second series is even better than the first. And of course TheRoman's Virgin Mistress is out in the shops in the UK at the beginning of July.
In case anyone is wondering, my senior editor has no connection with the BBC and my book was scheduled over a year ago. However, scheduling is a black art akin to witch craft. But I hope it means a very good serendipity for me.
For me, it is always interesting to see how they handled the time period and where they put the emphasis. There are so many ways of looking at a time period, that the only thing one can hope is that it rings true to your reader.

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Anonymous said...

Yay I can't wait to see the second series. More James Purefoy. And how serendipitous that it coincides with The Roman's Virgin Mistress being on the shelves. I love that book!

I'm celebrating having the house to myself for the first time in ages! And I'm going to critique your chapters in a minute. Promise.

Congratulations again on the well-deserved 4 book contract.

Sue :-)