Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Editorial lunch

Yesterday was for the most part lovely.

I flew down to London and the flight was painless, the underground relatively straight forward and then I went to the HM&B offices -- getting slightly lost only once.

The receptionist was v kind and asked if I was one of their authors. I duly explained and she asked if I had written the Gladiator one which she apparently liked very much. As I was basking in the warm glow, my editor appeared.

My editor now looks slim and goregous. Most of the office was out on reading days but I did get to see my senior editor who also looked her lovely self.

I got to meet my new editor. At the moment, I have two editors but the current plan is to move me over to Lydia sometime in the next year. Lydia is lovely and it is good to have afresh pair of eyes looking at my work. Equally it gives my current editor a chance to concentrate on her growing stable of authors.
Anyway, Lydia impressed with her knowledge and love of romance books. So I am a very lucky person. having gone through revisons with her and my current editor, I think they both have very good editorial eyes and I like working with both of them.

I have been offered a four book contract.YAY! VC is accepted and everything is to be determined. The next three of my current one, and a duo to be set in the Northeast during the 1820s. I am very much looking forward to doing the duo as it will be a challenge. Then I think the option books are two more Vikings.

My journey home was less straight forward -- wrong turns, stretching security queues, and finally when the plane arived back in Newcastle, being stuck in Arrivals as the door wouldn't open and the fire doors were all locked. Dangerous anyone? Claustrophobic anyone? According to fellow passengers that it is often happens with that flight.

My copies of Taken by the Viking arrived today and cover is even more yummy in the flesh as it were. I have been very lucky with the cover fairy.


Donna Alward said...

Glam and productive. You go girl!

So happy for you.

Jessica Raymond said...

Congratulations on the new contract, Michelle! Great news.

Jess x

Nell Dixon said...

Congrats on the new contract!