Monday, June 04, 2007

Time for glamour

Tomorrow I get to go down to London to lunch with myeditors. Actually I am rather nervous about this, but also tremendoulsy excited. I had a great time last year and it is fantastic to speak to them. I get to meet my new editor -- Lydia Mason for the first time. I am currently back on two editors.

Then on Saturday, the real glamour happens -- Kate Walker is having a 50th book party. I get to go and the evening is going to be studded with HM&B stars -- all coming out to honour on very Big Star indeed. It should be tremendous fun. I shall be reporting case anyone is interested. It is the sort of thing that I used to think authors always went to. Kate is also having a blog party and has lots of giveways and prizes to be won. I have done a blog for her and am giving away a copy of Sold and Seduced and The Antonakos Marriage as that was Kate's book that gave me the idea. Today's blog giveaway is from my critque partner --Donna Alward and is her two Windover ranch books. Marriage at Circle M made me pull out my hankie when I read the draft and as well as when I

And finally on 13 June I am going to a book launch for my friend Janet MacLeod Trotter as her book Handful of Stars -- a saga about 1930's Tyneside is being published by Headline. Jan writes very much in the vein of Catherine Cookson and is a thoroughly lovely person. that evening should also be populated by authors. And I will try to do a report for that one.

Somewhere in and amongst this glamour, I shall be finishing my book. It is going well -- I think. I hope. Anyway, I like it.


juliemt said...

I love Janet Macleod Trotter's books, Michelle. I used to be a big saga reader ages ago, but nowadays tend to read more historical romances, but I always pick up Janet Macleod Trotter's books as they are so well-written and really moving. Enjoy the book launch and make sure you tell us all the gossip!

Anonymous said...

Glam on Saturday... Well, my Radley handbag is going to be in attendance :o)

For some reason (although I did look at your blog!) I didn't see the post about your Richmond trip (and right now am on another planet anyway) - so apols for not wishing you a good time before you went, and I'm glad you did have a good time. Yay on the contract.

That flight description setting lightbulbs flashing for contemporary authors, btw...

Michelle Styles said...

Jan writes some really good books, Julie I agree. I will certainly take my camera.

Kate -- the reason you are confused is that I forgot to post this BEFORE I left. And then couldn't be bothered to change it. MEA CULPA

ANd yes I could see how getting trapped like that would set off lightbulb moments. Particularly as people suddenly started to speak to each other. I kept wondering what was on the other side of the doors and we we being kept in for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Aha. All is clear. I thought I was just old and in need of nice Northumbrian honey *g*