Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kate Walker's party

I am back from Kate Walker's party. Lots of photos were taken, BUT I left my camera in the hotel room as my dd thought it would be best. Kate Walker has plenty of photos as will Kate Hardy. Kate Hardy did send me photos but the transfer failed. Or rather this is my excuse. Natasha Oakley will be delighted to know this as I was excused of pointing out her photo at the Savoy was on Fiona Harper's blog...
Lincoln was lovely. The trip down -- easy except for the congestion around York. This was to the World Nude Biking Riding championships. There were no nude riders on the A1 however. And I suspect that the watchers of the race had much more fun than the people stuck in the congestion...
We arrived at the White Hart Hotel, and a truly fabulous place it was too. The staff were excellent and totally exceeded my expectations.
My dd and I dumped bags and then headed for Ye Olde Tea Rooms where we met Anna Lucia and Julie Cohen. After a quick bite to eat, we did the Lincoln Cathedral area things. I knew about Steep Hill from ages past and did not bother going down to the shops.
Later I discovered the evidence that many of our party did not know about the Steep Hill as bodies were strewn around the lounge, waiting for restorative cups of tea.
Trish Wylie has a new admirer in the form of my dd. they talked horses while my dd tucked into one of the largest afternoon teas for one that I have ever seen.
The dinner was fabulous. There was a wonderful atmosphere and Kate Hardy was busy behind the scenes making sure no last minute glitiches happened to our special surprises for Kate Walker. It was very glam as editors, authors, journalists and Kate's other guests mingled. The editor I share with Kate W was looking partcularly fabulous.
After the poetry readings, Kate Walker made a lovely speech and in her very generous way, she honoured people who had been helpful to her as well as writers who she had helped in the early stages of their career when she served as coordinator for the RNA conference virgins. I was particularly delighted to see Anna Lucia receive a heart from Kate.
Then the Big Surprise from the authors and Kate Walker was totally stunned at the gifts. 50 yellow roses were among them.
My dd swore that I was a Late Night Party Duck as she was relieved from babysitting duties until gone midnight. I understand others were even later as the authors were doing what they tend to do -- talk!
Kate Walker's 50th book is fantastic. My dd read it all on Sunday morning as I slept.
In other news: my wip goes along. It is due next week.
And I should be being interviewed for a tv news features tomorrow -- so my glam author's life continues. More about that later.


Anonymous said...

I'll resend the photos in a smaller format! They should work, this time.

Lovely to see you - and even lovelier to have the chance to chat a bit, for once!

Nell Dixon said...

Sounds as if everyone had a wonderful time.

Trish Wylie said...

Great to see you Michelle and dd was a delight!!! Truly! But then ALL horse people are naturally ;)

Kate Walker said...

It was lovely to see you Michelle - and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the party. Please say Hi to your lovely daughter from me and thank her again for babysitting. Hope it won't be too long before I see you again