Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kate Hardy's 25th Book blog party

Kate Hardy is having a stupendous blog party to celebrate the pbulication of her 25th book for M&B. That is 25 books in five years. I think I shall sit down now because you also have to add in her nonfiction In short, I am not sure how many she has written with her various different hats. The woman gives Isaac Asminov a run for his money.

There is a prize per day to be won. It is mostly commenting to be drawn out of a hat. Very simple. My own contributuion will be up at some point and I have offered a signed copy of The Roman's Virgin Mistress.

Because of problems with Bravenet, Kate has just transferred to blogger. And you can find her posts at


MJFredrick said...

Michelle, I'm very late reading The Gladiator's Honour, but I LOVE IT! I'm reading it slowly because it's so delicious, and I've ordered your other books too!

Michelle Styles said...


Thank you for the wonderful comment. It really made my day!

I do hope you enjoy my other books just as much. I certainly enjoyed writing them. It is getting messages like yours that makes writing really worthwhile.

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Michelle. Have stopped ripping my hair out, now I have the thing set up the way I want it.

And your book is next on my TBR pile. (I think it's going to bump Janet Evanovich, actually, because I found I could actually put the book down...)