Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Fox and ducks

Yesterday morning was fun and games when my youngest looked out of the window and yelled 'There is a fox in the garden."
It has been about two years or more, since we have had to deal seriously with Mr Reynard -- hence our rather large population of ducks.
Luckily this was a young fox whose idea of hunting was to chase the Motely Crew round and around. We let loose the dogs. And while the Border collie is useless, Chile the labrador is quite up for fox hunting and set off at a great pace. Mr Reynard exited stage left.
My bright idea was that we needed a bonfire as foxes do not like the smell of smoke. Unfortunately, due to the rain, it was very hard to get going and my husband decreed that it had to be immediately...even though he had to go to work. An hour later, covered in smoke, I decided that it was enough and retreated.
The ducks who were being Late Night Party ducks and who possibly wanted to rock to Quackennbury or another duck festival all decided to be sober honest hard working ducks who go to bed nice and early.

I have just finished reading The Career Novelist by Donald Maass and it is one of the best books I have read on the actual industry of publishing and I will blog more about it tomorrow. The book is hard to get hold of in Britain, so I am eternally grateful to Anne McAllister who sent me her copy.

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