Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dear Author Review

The review for The Roman's Virgin Mistress is up on Dear I received a B which means that Jayne really liked it, despite the title. LOL.
Personally I like the title but there again I had a rapid awakening to the power titles. As a newly bought M&B author, I asked my Mother-in-law's next neighbour to tell me some of her favourite M&B authors and I would try to get some signed books for her. This is a woman who inhales M&B novels. Her reply was that she didn't have favourite but if there was Virgin or Mistress in the title, she bought the book.
I have little to do with titles or really cover art or back cover copy. All of that is the providence of the marketing department and the editors. They work very hard to give books a certain feel. My own humble opinion is that my editors do an outstanding job. I let them get on with the job. It is my task to provide the content that goes between the covers. And if I do that well enough, my customers will be satisfied and will come back for more. Or at least I hope so.

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