Monday, November 24, 2008

On being a decorating refugee

It is happening today. My study is being repainted. Properly. The painters are arriving. They will also be doing the living room and the sun room (one the builders depart). They have promised to be finished before Christmas. But everything is out of my study and the computer now occupies a corner of my dh's study. It is a cold corner, next to the window and the Arctic air is seeping through. There have already been mutterings about piles of papers and books. So it is the computer and that is all.
Why do we get painters in? Basically, painting and decorating disasters we have known. From spending weeks hanging wallpaper only to discover that we should have taken the old wallpaper off first as it kept falling down to general calamities with paint which meant I have hung up my paint brush. With relief, I might add.
There is a reason these people are professionals and I am not.
So I will suffer the inconvenience and the cold, knowing that I should have a beautifully painted study for Christmas. It is going to be coralline -- a peachy pink coral colour and should be a warm colour. Blue is too cold for a room that never gets any sunlight.
The living room and sun room will stay the same colour, but will be brighter.
Then the entire house should be in theory finished. But first I need to get through this.


Nell Dixon said...

It sounds lovely. My job for next year is going to be sorting out the back garden and maybe decorating the downstairs cloakroom

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Michelle.

Know where you're coming from on decorating. In our first house, we had dark Hessian wallpaper. I stupidly thought I could paint over it to brighten it up. Um. Soaked up so much that it fell off the walls. (And the ribbing I got from the men in my family...) I am also banned from using gloss paint...

Michelle Styles said...

It will be lovely when it is done .The corraline is exactly the colour I had envisioned.
AndKate H, I knew we were spiritual twins... Gloss pain and I do not mix.

The plasterer is here now as are the decorators. My dh's study is warming up slowly and I can no longer see my breath...

Donna Alward said...

Oh hugs on renos....I know how you feel.

But the study will be great...and I agree there are somethings best left to professionals or handy husbands. :-)