Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Indoor Rowing update

It has been nearly three months since I started indoor rowing. Somehow the Olympics seems a long time ago. This means six weeks to Christmas is a blink of an eye btw -- a very scary thought.

So what has happened since August? My energy levels have gone up. I am losing inches and have started to fit into jeans that I had given up on. I have stopped weighing myself. I dare say that I could lose more weight, but I like to eat. I have noticed that my appetite in general is less greedy and I am less likely to start raiding the fridge when I am working. The fact that my clothes are either getting looser or are starting to fit again, shows that my over all body shape is going in the direction I want it to go in.

My mind is working less sluggishly. And there is a certain amount of satisfaction in rowing.

It was hard in many ways to come back after being holiday. Getting an airplane cold did not help. But I did noticed the increased energy level on holiday and want to keep up the rowing.

The other good thing is that because we are keeping our central heating off, I have found rowing raises my core temperature. This means not only am I warm during the workout but I feel warmer for hours afterward. Surely this is a good thing as well.

Because I have a bad back, I have kept the resistance low (3) on the machine and this appears to work. I am getting a lot of benefit from it. Too often I think people are tempted to put the resistance up, thinking that they will get a better workout. Low impact workouts that involve aerobic exercise can be great. The key is NOT to get injured.

Also I would advise getting the deluxe padded seat. It may be plastic, but goodness, it does help.

The key to this getting fit is in finding something that I am willing to do often. I am very aware of how easy it is to give up on things and to let things slip. So it is onwards towards Christmas.


Unknown said...

Go you!! I have been at my exercise regime (classes at the gym) since August and have noticed a huge difference. You are right about the low impact, aerobic exercise no if only I could turn off my competitive side.

Unknown said...

Well done for sticking at it for so long and not giving up after that first early surge of enthusiasm, Michelle. You're so right about having to find the thing that suits you-- for me swimming is a guaranteed way to drop my extra half stone relatively easily, but will I stick to it long enough? In this weather? Not a chance! Looks like the lard is here until springtime...

Unknown said...

(Just catching up post-deadline/holiday etc and Sorrento looks just gorgeous....)

Avi J said...

It looks so hard on tv, l dont think i have the muscles for it. I however love indoor cycling. Glad you can stick to it, l try but it is hard for my form of exercise.

Michelle Styles said...

It is important to find a form of exercise that you can do and enjoy/stick with.

Rowing is hard but htere is a certain method to it. I am findig it easier to stick with it.
I know Liz Fielding enjoys her wii fit, and some people are finding that power walking helps.
The main thing is to get out and exercise.