Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cookbooks and me

Natasha Oakley has written about the joys of cookbooks on thePink Heart Society today.

I will cheerfully admit to having too many cookbooks. However, I also find it very fun to get new cookbooks. I like to have cookbooks from places I have visited (or want to visit).Cookbooks from restaurants I have been to (or sometimes want to go to). Cookbooks from certain television chefs. Cookbooks that celebrate certain types of cooking -- we have a lot of Mexican/New Mexican books as Middle Eastern and Italian cookbooks. Because my husband has gone through a curry making craze, we also have a load of Indian cookbooks.

I also tend to cook with the cookbooks. My husband uses the books for inspiration purposes but I tend to follow recipes. I also like reading about the history of recipes or an area.

My latest acquisition Francesco's Kitchen details a lot of Venetian cookery plus has a lot of interesting info on Venice. We are going to Venice in March, so I am interested in learning about the city. I have also been reading John Julius Norwich's History of Venice (but that doesn't have any recipes) and am about to start A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena de Blasi which apparently does. However, as that book has been lent by a friend, I shall have to be careful. It is one of her comfort reads.

I do not tend to get general cookbooks or how to cook cookbooks.And therefore do not have any Nigella or Jamie Oliver. A good cookbook is one where I can two or three new recipes...

Anyway, I believe my husband has decided that we do have too many cookbooks...that is until I happen to find the next one...


Kate Hardy said...

I see that bookshelf, and I think: UTTER BLISS.

My favourite lunchtime read is Nigel Slater (followed closely by Giorgio Locatelli). I also used to enjoy Ruth Watson's pieces in the Sainsbury magazine. I do have two of Nigella's (Feast and Express) and quite enjoy her style. But Nigel... Nobody can beat Nigel, for me.

Avi J said...

There is no such thing as too many cook books. My personal library contains over 123 books, and as a chef l am always on the look out for more. My favourite is Wayne Gisslen, Professional Cooking, there is a little bit of everything there.

Unknown said...

You will adore Venice. I really enjoyed 'One thousand days' it does have one or two interesting recipes

Ramki said...


If you love collecting cookbooks, here's a bunch of One page cookbooks .


Michelle Styles said...

YOu would enjoy A Thousand Days, Kate.

Avi -- I have not counted my cookbooks. But you have an excuse...I have no excuse except liking to cook.

Carol -- I am looking forward to Venice and having started A Thousand Days, yes it does have some interesting recipes. It is a bit different than Dear Francesca as there are fewer recipes, but it is wonderfully evocative.

Ramki -- your cookbooks look interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ah... cook.. books.
I am with Kate - Nigel Slater is a great read. But I have to say that I have actually used the recipes in Gordon Ramsey's cookbooks in preference to any other writer.
Perfect cold weather reading..
I have a feeling that all of my romances are going to include a scene where someone is cooking..and my first book is set in a bakery! LOL