Sunday, November 23, 2008

Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife has a book widget

I was very pleased when I learnt that Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife was going to have a book widget. Although the passion lines in the US have book widgets, HH normally doesn't and it is thanks to the very lovely Kim S that VWUW does. It means you can read the entire first chapter before you buy!

It is a lovely idea. Hopefully, they will start putting ALL the Harlequin Historical offerings as book widgets.

Kim has also put seven writing tips from me on the Harlequin Historical my space page. I believe she will be putting them HH facebook page as well. And I know Kim has all these wonderful things planned for December -- fantasy dinner parties and the like. So if you have not checked out the Harlequin Historical page on my space or facebook, you might like to do so. Kim is doing a marvellous job.

One upcoming event I should mention is the annual eharlequin open house on 11 Dec. There will be lots of free prizes for random posters. Basically, you show up and post a message. HH is having an all day board as are other lines like Presents, Romance, and Medical. This is because the authors are scattered all over the world and they want to be able to attend. Mainly US based lines like Nocturne or Intrigue have intense one hours chats in the evening. Anyway, it is a great time and a great way to celebrate Harlequin and Christmas.

It is Arctic conditions here and this is testing my resolve not to put on the heating. I do remind myself that many people have survived without central heating before and it is not as if we have several feet of snow on the ground...But it does make the early morning interesting, and hot water bottles have suddenly developed a premium in this household...

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