Friday, November 21, 2008

November Reader contest winners and December contest preview

I drew the names out of the hat today. Jane Armstead won the first prize of her choice of a hardback copy of either A Question of Impropriety or Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife. And Gina won her choice from one of my paperbacks. Both have been notified by email.

I will be running a contest in my December newsletter where the first prize will be a hardback copy of Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife as I should be getting my hardback copies then. I will also be offering a critique of a partial for aspiring writers.

This week, I was really pleased to learn that the partial I critiqued for the winner of last year's December contest has gone to revisions on the full. Apparently the editor said much as I had and she is excited at the opportunity. Hooray for Kathleen G. Kathleen has also promised me a copy of her first published novel and I am holding her to it. She has a lovely voice.

My contests are open to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter...


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle - sorry if I'm being a bit cheeky here - but I would be interested to know when you might be considering another MS review as part of your newsletter. It was good news to hear about K G MS!
Regards - Caroline

Michelle Styles said...

Caroline --

There will be a ms critque/mentoring on offer with the Dec newsletter.

Sorry if that wasn't perfectly clear.