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Friday, May 29, 2009

A little black collar

Yesterday, my daughter and I went shopping for dog collars. Tess and Hardy are at a point where they need to become used to wearing one. We both decided that hot pink with rhinestones would not do for Tess at all. She is a rhinestone sort of dog -- far too lean and elegant. The Frank Sinatra song -- The Lady is a Tramp comes to mind.
They did not have a passionate purple collar in the correct size so we went for a little black collar, after all it operates on the same principle as the Little Black Dress -- always fashionable.

Hardy has a royal blue collar.

Neither is overly fond of the collar at the moment but they do tolerate them. Just.

Last night, they escaped from the kitchen and went into the living room where Hardy proceeded to savage my husband's slipper -- becoming a fur ball fiend. Cute and innocent on the outside but hiding razor sharp fangs. Tess began to elegantly chew the oriental carpet.

The puppies were removed and given rawhide chews.

With my wip, I realised that I had taken a wrong turning and so cut...cut...cut and am now back at the start of chapter 2. Sigh. Still it will be a stronger book.


Fee said...

what lovely lively puppies you have.

Good luck with your WIP

Best wishes


Michelle Styles said...

Fee --
Yes, they are lively!

And thank you for the good wishes about the wip. It will get there.