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Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Tess & Hardy

The lady who had the puppies phoned last night. Apparently they were ready any time but there was a slight snag. The puppy my daughter loved was a bitch, rather than a dog. Did we still want her? As it was love at first sight for my daughter -- the answer was yes. We drove out and picked the puppies up yesterday evening.

My daughter decided on Tess as she is currently v keen on Hardy. So the other dog's name had to be Hardy.

They are being puppy like. Tess has the mostly white face and is standing up in the above picture. Hardy has the tan patches on his face and wears a mask.

They both have their distinctive personalities. Tess is a bit more of a thinker and is cautious whereas Hardy just wants to investigate. Both seem quick.

Chile the Labrador is maintaining a dignified silence and is not very sure about his space being invaded by puppies. SO puppy training time has arrived.


Kate Walker said...

How lovely to know that those empty spaces have such gorgeous little creatures to fill them with love and laughter.

Great names too - enjoy them - and good luck with the training!

Biddy said...

Good luck with the training! I think the names are great... I can't wait to meet them. I am also trying not to be green with envy.

Jen Black said...

They look adorable!

Nell Dixon said...

How exciting - they look so lovely

India said...

Ahhhh! I'm now puppy-broody. They look utterly delicious-- how will you ever get any work done?!

Kate Hardy said...

They're gorgeous, Michelle. (And of course I approve of the names - that's how I got mine *g*)


Alison said...

Your little puppies look unbelievably cute - but they are going to be hard work! I'm impressed by all the study you're putting in, though, and I don't think they could be in better hands.

Anne McAllister said...

They're beautiful, Michelle. But I'm sure 'still' pictures don't begin to do justice to them moving around 'investigating' and such!

Love the names!

Keep us posted.


Caroline said...

Ohhh. They are lovely! Happy days are 'acommin' with the puppy training! Good luck with them - take care Caroline x

sheandeen said...

They are beautiful dogs! (But then I am partial to Shelties, Border Collies and Collies--I think they are all gorgeous dogs.) I love the names. I do hope you will continue to post pictures as they grow and change.

Julie Cohen said...

I am glad you chose "Hardy" and not "Angel"!

They are beautiful.

Michelle Styles said...

Thank you one and all.

And Julie -- Angel was nixed as was Troy, Gabriel, and Jude. I totally refused Bathsheba as well.
Hardy does work as a dog's name.