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Friday, May 08, 2009

Worrying times

My plans for yesterday were put on hold. My plans for today which included a lunch with the members of the RNA Northumberland have been cancelled. Our border collie Joss had to undergo emergency surgery yesterday. He had a burst tumour on his spleen and began to bleed internally. As of 9 pm yesterday evening, he was breathing regularly and coming around slowly. However, the vets caution that he is an old dog (10 years old) and has lost a lot of blood. But we are hopeful. I will know more later today.

There was no real warning. On Tuesday, he seemed a bit slow on his run with my husband. And we thought that he might be gaining weight again. He was off his food on Wednesday night and yesterday morning, he was not right. Then, he really went downhill -- vomiting, being lethargic and by the time it came his appointment, not being able to get into the car.

Of our two dogs, I would have thought Chile would be the first one...anyway fingers crossed.

Luckily my deadline is not until the end of July.


Kate Walker said...

Oh Michelle - my sympathies. After the cats I had hoped you were safe from worrying pet times for a bit of healing times.

I'm so sorry to hear about poor Joss . I do hope he's more comfortable today and hopefully brighter. He - and you - are in my thoughts. Rub behind his ears for me

Thinking of you


Joanne Cleary said...

I hope Joss will be ok. Sending lots of healing thoughts.

Jen Black said...

I hope he gets well and is soon back to his normal tireless self with that rubber ball, bit of cloth, old letter - anything goes!