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Current Release
Saved by the Viking Warrior

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Taming His Viking Woman makes Harlequin's Best of the Best list

For the first time ever, Harlequin has compiled a list of the best of the best from last year.
TAMING HIS VIKING WOMAN made it into the Best Women on Top list as number 4.
I am very thrilled as it is a big honour, considering how many books Harlequin publishes a year.
You can see the full lists here.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Healthy Peanut Butter cups

I discovered these the other day and they are very simple to make.
This is my version
I used a silicon canape tray for the mould. You could use little muffin cases. Whatever you use, you want it small and easy to remove.
Put the silicon tray into freeze. Melt 200 grams of 85% dark chocolate. Take tray out of freezer and coat the bottom and sides of each mould with chocolate. Put tray back in freezer for a few minutes. You will now have a tray of chocolate cups. Take out and put a teaspoon of no added sugar peanut butter in each chocolate cup (you could make your own  -- grind unsalted peanuts with a little oil and a pinch of salt until smooth or use any nut butter – I had organic peanut butter to hand). Smooth the tops so it sits slightly below the chocolate. Spoon chocolate over the top of the peanut butter to seal. Place back in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
Remove from tray.  Store in the fridge.
Because it is dark chocolate and no added sugar peanut butter, they are actually somewhat healthy.

Makes about a dozen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#operationskinnyjeans or sometimes exercise is not enough

It started on Facebook when a fellow writer and friend Michelle Douglas was bemoaning not fitting into her jeans.
Then when I returned from my Spanish holiday, having eaten too much, and my daughter returned from finishing her Masters and decided she too need to lose her dissertation podge, I knew I had to join in.
So we have been healthy  in the morning, at lunch and for the snack. Supper is whatever my husband makes (this is in the interests of marital harmony) and there is no alcohol. At supper we are not eating (as a general rule) gluten. Special Occasions are by their very nature exempt from this,
I started this method of eating. at the end of September.
The things I have discovered:
1. Yes even if you are exercising, it does make a difference what you put in  your mouth, particularly as you hit menopause.Healthy choices have you feeling better and the excess weight going off.
2. Not having refined sugar or gluten has really helped my lymph oedema. (This is annoying in the extreme. I do like bread, cakes etc)
3. Eating this way is fun and I am not getting as hungry.
4. Spiralizers are fun.
5. Menopause does thicken your waist. Irritating in the extreme. It does become harder to shift from that region.

I have continued with the tomato juice in the morning. It does help with menopausal symptoms, including anxiety. I notice if I decrease it/skip it. And sometimes (like yesterday) I needed to up the dosage to include a glass at night.

I am now fitting into my size 8's again, having given them up as a lost cause when the weight piled as menopause really started to bite.

I have continued on my Tracy Anderson re-do for my exercise but have lowered it to a half hour of the muscular structure and a half hour of the dance cardio 5 x plus a longer session of the dance cardio on the 6th day. It remains challenging but is more do-able than the first go round. Exercising is part of my life now.

So now in the menopausal time, making the right choices with my food does make a huge difference. Prior to the menopause hitting, I was able to be far more liberal with my food consumption as my exercise kept everything in check.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

El Verano del Vikingo

I am super pleased that Summer of the Viking is out in Spain this month, particularly as I had such a good time in Spain last week. It has been a little while since my books were out in this market and I always love their covers.
This time they used the same cover as the UK cover for Summer of the Viking. It works well.


Tenemos el verano, Alwynn, tendremos que conformarnos…
El mar lo dejó malherido en una playa de Northumbria y Valdar Nerison era un forastero en un país extranjero. Tenía un asunto pendiente en Raumerike, pero le debía la vida a su salvadora, la hermosa lady Alwynn, y antes tenía que saldar esa deuda.
Alwynn recelaba de la promesa que le había hecho Valdar de protegerla; al fin y al cabo, los hombres siempre la habían traicionado. Además, a medida que el verano iba terminándose, Valdar tendría que elegir entre volver a su tierra para luchar por su honor o quedarse y luchar por ella...

You can read more about it here 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Slipping through my fingers

My eldest has departed to start the final year of his Ph.d. He will be doing lots of writing.  He has done the research and now is the time to put the words on the paper. Something that I have some experience with. The time went so quickly. It seemed like for weeks we were waiting for him to arrive. He did and now he is gone.
The house feels quieter. It always takes me a little while to get used to it. However, I don't have long to savour as my daughter will be returning for an indefinite stay while she gets to grips with job applications and figuring what she is doing with her life.
I am very grateful to a wise friend  who said to make sure to give them six months as finding a job is hard work. I know I felt tremendous pressure to take the first job when I was first out of university. I want my children to take  the job which seems right for them, knowing that it can (and most likely will) change through out their life span. One person can have many careers.
My time as an active hands on parent has ended. I am an active hands on carer for my father in law. I am an author who is in the midst of changing her focus.  I am about to start something different to take me out of my comfort zone. At the moment the key is to write something which I am happy with and which has a clearly definable market. Anyway I  am enjoying exploring the options and thinking about to write next. The real writing starts after I return from my holiday in Spain on the 28th. Right now, it is about thinking (this always makes me ancy).
My eldest gave me a long lecture on how I had to be focused and not give into the temptations of Facebook or the internet in general. He ALWAYS has the internet off when he writes (the arrogance of youth!)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Today is always the best day to start eating healthy

One thing I have noticed is people who intend to diet/lose weight always seem to have a reason why today is not the right day.
I have seen it time and again and indeed I used to do it.
Looking at my calendar, I would see upcoming events and think -- no, I wait until after such and such. One of my big mindshift changes was to start thinking of Special Occasions and deciding that I could be more liberal on my eating. Ordinary days/meals mean that I eat my ordinary food.
I found my body craves nutrients. If I get the nutrients into my body, my appetite decreases. If I don't and stuff my body full of junk, my appetite increases because I wasn't giving my body the appropriate fuel.
I found I had to take a step back from sugar and processed foods. If I eat too many, my tastebuds become dull and I think that I am craving more junk food, when in fact my body really wants the fruit and veg and high quality protein. Once the sugar etc had decreased in my bloodstream, I discovered that I do like beetroot.(When I first started to lose my weight I wouldn't touch it) In fact I like most vegetables.
So it doesn't matter what is up and coming, it matters what you are putting into your mouth today.
It is fine to have planned *falling off the wagons* but when you do, you just get back on at the next opportunity.

Today's breakfast: Victoria plum/banana/Greek yogurt smoothie. The banana provides enough sweetness to cut the intense sharpness of the plums without any extra sweetners being added.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Honey Harvesting

Yesterday for the first time since 2008, we actually harvested our own honey.
Frames of honey, honey extractor all ready
In 2009, we had an attack of mice which destroyed the hives. (Mouseguards not on.) We acquired another hive BUT the cold winter was no good for them. Then 2011 had a cold Spring and 2012 was another cold Spring. I had nearly given up when we decided one last time in 2014 and got some bees. We didn't take off any honey.
BUT this year, we have honey! Hooray. About 40 lbs worth.
I put the Porter bee escapes on on Friday to clear the supers where the honey is stored. Then early, early on Saturday morning before the bees were up, I  went out and retrieved the supers.
One or two bees remained in the supers and were easily brushed off.
At that time in the morning, the bees are not flying. This makes it so much easier and likelihood of getting stung is much decreased.
Then I set up the honey extractor -- which is hand cranked. The wax cappings are taken off to reveal the honey and the frame is put in the extractor. Then the frames are spun round and round. Centrifugal force gets the honey out.
Honey from the extractor pours into the filter
It works well except if there is a high proportion of heather honey. Heather honey is like jelly and very hard to extract. The best way I have found is to crush the frames and melt them -- releasing the honey. The honey melts at a lower temp than the wax. Thankfully though my youngest son has strong arms and the honey was all spun out.
This year's honey is relatively pale. Heather honey also tends to be more amber/caramel in colour. I suspect there is fuchsia. I know there is thistle in there. It tastes absolutely wonderful.
After being extracted, the honey gets filtered to get rid of the wax/dead bees etc. I also put the cappings in and allow them to drain.
Once filtered the honey is bottled.
Heathcliff inspects the jars of honey
Other than bottling  a couple of bottles for my youngest son to take back to uni with him, I am just waiting for the honey to drip through.
The spun supers are put back on the hives so that the bees can clean them out. The bees hate wasting any honey. They will clean everything. It is sort of amazing.
The bees still have time to forage and rebuild their stores. I will give them some Apiguard as a tonic/guard against varroa. And then they will be shut up for the winter.
In Feb time they will be fed on fondant and the cycle will be gin again.