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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The flour monsters

The children know, I know but did my husband pay attention? When you close the cupboard doors and you have puppies, you latch the doors. Otherwise you get...flour monsters!

Tess and Hardy decided to investigate the cupboard while we had supper. An unopened bag of flour proved the biggest draw. Flour covered everything and in the midst sat those two looking innocent as you can do covered in flour. They were dusted off.

And as my sister asked about how Chile was coping. He remains a bit grumpy but as the photo shows -- he does permit them to snuggle up. Tess more than Hardy. I always figure if animals are voluntarily sleeping in the same room, they have accepted each other.
Chile is very stiff these days and he takes the New Alston 3.5 miles much more slowly now. But he is the grand old man of the family.


Kate Hardy said...

Love the pics, Michelle. Such cuties.

Reminds me of when we left our first spaniel alone for an evening. He invetigated his bed - one of those soft ones filled with tiny foam balls. They went EVERYWHERE and the static meant that they ended up in the most unlikely places. I was vacuuming them up for weeks!

Poppy said...

But how can you be cross with them when they're SO SWEET?!

(It's just as well I don't have a dog or it would be completely undisciplined... especially Ruby the airhead cat is anything to go by.)

India said...

Sorry-- that was me. I hate it when the daughters forget to sign out of their google accounts...