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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apple trees and puppies

Yesterday was emotionally draining. Joss's ashes came back. We bought an apple tree -- greensleeves, dessert and planted that in his beloved garden. Seeing the collar and lead again was hard. But it is good to know my friend is where he needs to be. And I can see the tree from the kitchen window.

The puppies are very quick but then they are border collies. Tess appears to have grown in confidence and is determined to boss her brother about. Hardy learnt his name and like a man is most motivated by food. They both appear to have figured out the whole concept of going outside to use the toilet but then I did spend most of yesterday with them, making sure we went outside after meals, naps etc. Chile is maintaining a dignified aloofness despite the puppies desire to play. He was willing to eat his breakfast with the door half closed. The door had to be fully closed yesterday. It just takes time.

This morning was an early start as the puppies were crying. I suppose this is good as yesterday morning, they were far too frightened of the new surroundings. Chile was busy pacing the floor when I came down. The puppies tumbled about themselves. It is a hard thing to ignore them when you first come back and let them calm down before greeting them, but it should make everything easier in the long run.
But the main point of this post is puppy pictures as people wanted to see them. At this stage they are incredibly cute but that is the whole point of puppies. And they grow. I only managed a quarter of the words but puppies are puppies.


Julie Cohen said...

Yes, and the nice thing about being a writer is that you can postpone thoughts of your deadline for a few hours/days to enjoy the puppyhood. And if you feel guilty, you can always put some puppies in your next book, so that the time is research!

They look lovely.

Kate Hardy said...

They're irresistible, Michelle.

And our Julie has uttered wise words :)

India said...

A historical romance with puppies in... Oh, yes please!!

The apple tree is a lovely idea. You'll remember Joss particularly at apple blossom time.