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Saturday, May 16, 2009

More books on dog training

I visited with a friend who has lent a few more books on dog training -- namely the Jan Fennell Dog Listener ones and a Cesar Milan who has the Dog Whisperer television show on Sky and the National Geographic. Interestingly Milan references a number of the body language books that I read for writing purposes.

The one thing that is great about these approaches is that they are very much pack leader and thinking like a dog oriented. I am under no illusion of the task that I have taken on. Currently, I am working with Chile, my 12 year old Labrador to make sure he understands my commands. Actually, after a confrontation about 10 years ago, he knows who is the pack leader is and walks very well on the leash.
These two are going to require lots of hard work and training before they can learn manners and take their place as well behaved dogs. They have big paws to fill.


Joanne Cleary said...

I love Jan Fennell's books. I have two of hers. They were invaluable when I decided to get another dog. It made me realise just how my oldest dog's bad habits had formed--they were all my fault!

Best of luck with the puppies. It will be hard work but ultimately all worth it because they look utterly gorgeous.

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely pics, Michelle.

Hey, did you see that programme a couple of weeks ago when two people had to live like dogs for four days? The model gave up VERY quickly, but the explorer made a real go of it with the foxhounds (he didn't get the border collies to bond with him, but made a better fist of it than the model).

I tried some of it on Byron. He just gave me a pitying look and placed his paw on my head (as if to say, 'Poor thing, you do try.').