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Current Release
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jumping at poppies

Yesterday afternoon I found out that my latest -- the Governess one -- has been accepted. This makes a dozen for HMB. Or half towards my 25 book pin. Harlequin Enterprises marks certain milestones. One of the great things at the AMBA meetings is seeing the other authors get their pins or indeed wearing them. No title yet or release date.
Just after I found out, there was a knock at the door, a man was trying to sell Woodland Trust membership. Because we do like nature, we took a leaflet. One of the main areas that they are attempting to restore and protect is the Irthing Gorge which is where my book begins. Apparently when you join, they plant a tree. I shall ask if it can be planted there. In any case, it became no contest as it is such a pretty place.

Tess was jumping at welsh poppies this morning, endlessly amused as the flowers sprang back. Taking joy in simple things is something to remember. Life is endlessly interesting when encountering it for the first time. I need to remember to take the time to jump at poppies. (And yes, I should keep my camera by me)

BUT the sin bin has had to come in use. Basically the best punishment for a dog who nips is to say no and then if the behaviour persists to quietly but firmly put the dog in a small room for about 30 seconds. Dogs want to be with you. It certainly had the desired affect on Tess who when she gets overexcited tends to forget that hands are not for biting. It also means that if they get over tired and quarrelsome as puppies can do, they can be separated for a few seconds and given space to calm down. The important thing is not to hit or strike -- a firm tone and a short deprivation. Both Tess and Hardy calm down immediatly.


Kate Hardy said...

Fabulous news. Congrats.

And yes, do remember your camera. Would love to see those pics. I have very fond memories of our first spaniel bouncing through a poppy field. (I still miss him, even though he was immensely grumpy. He was my dog.)

Carol Townend said...

Great news! :))) Break out the bubbly!

Have had a mini triumph myself today and got another research pic up on my blog. Have had a bit of an on-going problem getting photos from a mac to a pc, but my brother has sorted it!

Alison said...

Congratulations! - I'm already looking forward to reading your Governess book. Wow - you have to write 25 whole books before you get a pin?! I should think you deserve a gold medal for finishing one!