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Monday, May 25, 2009

Training -- end of week 1

Tess and Hardy have been here a week and my deadline is beginning to loom. This means I need to write.

I have also basically finished reading my dog training books. I have also investigated why cesar Milan is not very well loved in certain circles -- namely at times he advocates certain techniques that in the wrong hands can make dogs more aggressive. I am not into choke chains or electronic prods.

There again, I hope Tess & Hardy are going to be well balanced dogs. I have spent loads of time with them, handling them and trying to socialise them properly.
The things I like about Milan's methods are: 1. his emphasis on a dog is a dog. 2. dogs need exercise, particularly in the morning -- get up, get your trainers on and go out with the dog and then they eat. 3. no dog is too old to learn. 4. The problems can be more problems with the owners than the dogs.

WIth Jan Fannell, there are also bits I like: 1. dogs are dogs. 2. dogs respond well to positive re-enforcement. 3. use dogs' natural behaviour to get them trained.

WIth Barbara Sykes 1. border collies are border collies and highly energetic -- ie they need exercise. 2. border collies are highly intelligent and have a sense of humour but also need time alone to think. 3. training is all about teaching manners and positive re-enforcement works, particularly as border collies have such good memories.

The puppies now know their names, and will come IF you have their attention. They know how to sit and are working on down. They like to be clean puppies but sometimes I need better training. They are fed regularly and now know where they eat, and that they have to sit and wait quietly for their bowls to be put down. They also know that the bowls are picked up after they walk away from the meal.

WIth my wip, I need to get J &L out of the carriage. They have been there for the past week.


Donna Alward said...

In the parts of the Dog Whisperer that I've seen, I never saw the choke chains or prods. I don't agree with that either.

And I find that our biggest doggie problems are when we've missed walks because of weather etc. I too have a fairly high energy dog and while she is a bit lazy in the house, she does need to get outside for regular exercise because when she doesn't, a quick trip for a pee becomes a major undertaking.

For a week, they have learned a lot.

And that sound you hear is my whip cracking.

LindaC said...

When I was training Daisy, I really liked Victoria Stilwell's book-It's Me or the Dog. I found her to be very practical. I watched her TV series, too.

The puppies sure are adorable, Michelle.