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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The V E T

Yesterday the puppies encountered the vet for the first time -- shots and microchipping, plus weighing and a general health check. Tess was car sick, the poor thing -- there and back. Luckily she travelled in a cat carrier as I had thought it might a possibility. Next time though, she can go in the back with the dog grill down.

Both were very good with the vet. Hardy even sat on command so he could be weighed. Tess decided to lie down. But some border collies will prefer to lie down and Tess seems to be one of them. Our vet is excellent and because the surgery just deals in small animals very dog oriented. The other surgery where we used to go was far more rural based and so pets were an add on as opposed to the sheep and cows.

Hardy squealed when he had the microchip put in the scruff of his neck. Tess, proving that women are made of stern stuff, simply stood stoically.
Microchipping is important. If either gets lost and is taken to a vet/rescue centre all they do is wave a wand over the animal and get the barcode. This unique number is in an international database, and they would then phone us so we could be reunited. Without a microchip, it can be nary near impossible to reunite. It cost £20 per animal. Cats as well as dogs can be done. It does not hurt them. And the peace of mind is priceless.

I have opted for the two rounds of injections at 8 and12 weeks. Rather than going for the 8, 10 and then 18 weeks one. It is more about if you want to start taking the puppies out. Given that we have a large garden etc, the whole socialisation thing is not as big an issue. The puppies can still visit friends' gardens where the dogs have been inoculated.

The puppies were glad to be back home after their journey and Tess rapidly recovered.

My youngest decided to play with them on the floor. He has been warned that they will think of him as a littermate. To which he replied -- good.

Children, in particular boys. I suspect there will be scraps under the table as well...


Allison said...

Glad to hear you're pleased with the new vet and that you opted for microchipping! June is National Microchipping month and many practices are offering £5 off the normal price. Also, there are two types of microchip, the standard chip and the biotherm chip where you can take the animals temperature when scanned. Great for small dogs and cats!

Keep up the puppy diary!

Allison Littlehales

Kate Hardy said...

Loved the pics. Can imagine my eldest doing exactly that. (And have just realised how TALL your youngest is. So that's why you warned me that my eldest will shoot up this year...)