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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The troublesome twosome

It finally dawned on me yesterday on why two puppies at the same time is not reccomended -- twins. I know all about twins as my aunt and uncle are twins and growing up, I was treated to lots oftales about The Twins. Basically if one did not think of it, the other did. I should say what wonderful people my aunt and uncle are and how much they each enjoy being a twin.

I suspect Hardy and Tess really enjoy having a twin as well. They have a partner in crime. And if I am extricating one, then the other has time to get into more mischief.

I have learnt:

1. Puppies can squeeze through the narrowest of gaps and if the second puppy follows, they will invariably take off in opposite directions.

2. Do not be fool by seemingly shy and retiring puppies who sit and watch. Once given a bit of confidence, such puppies are often considering Will the oven glove fall of its own accord or can I make it happen type thoughts.

3. Children forget to close doors. Puppies are eager to investigate. Potatoes on the floor can make a great game until the unwary owner trips. Then it is time to play clamber over owner and lick face games.

4. Two puppies snuggling up to you is wonderful. Puppies who learnt to sit or to come when called are magical.

At the moment, they are asleep -- exhausted from this morning's play. Rain equals wet and dirty puppies who have to be towelled.


Kate Hardy said...

Just lovely, Michelle. Please keep the pics and puppy tales coming :o)

Nell Dixon said...

Oh, they really are so gorgeous!

Donna Alward said...

I love the one with are being treated to an adoring gaze. :-)

It looks like they are getting lots of love. :-)

Kate Walker said...

It sounds like you are having lots of fun Michelle - and the pictures are gorgeous - thanks so much for sharing. I wish I could see them for real.

The puppies must think they've come to dog heaven with you and your wonderful garden