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Current Release
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

puppy puddles

The puppies in general are being very good about their toilet training, far easier in many ways than children. Thus far they have been very obliging. The only real puddles have been in the morning.
They did wake me up at 5:15 am again and demand attention. I did try the trick of putting the top I was wearing in as a comfort. Luckily was not very fond of it as the top is now full of puppy sized holes.
But puppies grow and soon, they will be too big to be bothered.

I have had to spray the bottom of the butchers block, the legs of the cabinet and the cookbooks on the floor with a dog training spray. It smells like citronella. It is just if they get a taste for wood, they can do a lot of damage, and at this stage, it is not their fault. I have also got a few more chew sticks etc for them. Puppies need to chew but they need to learn what to chew. Puppies have a hard time distinguishing between an old shoe and a new pair of heels for example, so it is best that they never learn that shoes are great to chew. Equally if puppies don't sit on the furniture, they don't want to sit later when they have muddy paws. I am spending a lot of time sitting on the floor.

With my writing, I spent a few minutes registering my books for PLR or Public Lending Right. Every published UK edition has to be registered by 30 June so it can count in the yearly total. PLR is a great invention and I am very grateful to the authors who campaign so long and hard for it. PLR is 30 this year. Long may it last!!!!
RIght off to grab a few moments of writing time before puppy mayhem descends again.


Nicola Cornick said...

They are absolutely adorable, Michelle. I don't know how you get any writing done, though!

Kate Hardy said...

I'm with Nicola there. I'd spend the whole day playing with them!

I remember that our older spaniels really liked Nylabones - they lasted for ages.

Had to smile at the muddy paws thing. Byron knows what "No, you have to dry your paws first" means and sinks into his bed, looking disgusted. Why can't he come in to wherever I'm working and sit half on my lap? :o)

(And you may be amused to know that my word verification is Proust. Really. Remembrance of things past, eh?)