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Current Release
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Monday, June 01, 2009

The bliss that is pig's ears

Yesterday I woke to fresh gnawings on the butcher block. The puppies had decided that wood was the right thing for teething. I brought out the two pig's ears that I had been saving. They went to work on them instead.

Pig's ears are what I used for the other two and Chile still adores them. I suspect they are like chewy bacon. Certainly it has to be tastier than wood. Once they leave the pig's ears, they are gathered up and given again when the puppies look like chewing.

Both Tess and Hardy spent about an hour contentedly chewing. They only gnawed around the edges. Chile can demolish a pig ear in about 5 minutes.

SO fingers crossed that the apple tree, the butcher's block and other bits of wood will be less appetising.

It is another visit to the pet shop to buy more pig's ears though. Pet shops seem to have more substantial ones than the supermarket. And a puppy has to chew.

Both my eldest son and my daughter have major exams today. They think that they are prepared but I do hope the questions fall right for them.

I think I have figured things out on my latest work in progress. Or maybe it is just lack of sleep dementia.

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